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We're an independent gallery bookshop based in Machynlleth, mid Wales. It's our blend of bookshop, selling a carefully selected collection of reads and pick-up-and-flick-through books – and gallery space to inspire you while you're browsing. We host events too, book readings, author talks, photography and art openings. 


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International Women's Day with a literary focus.
You can look forward to a relaxing day dipping in and out, as your time allows, to share our day as we get together to honour local women's writing and creative expression.

Poetry, Coffee & Cake, 11.00 - 11.30 in the MoMA cafe - to get the day off to a sociable beginning, a get together with poems and writings, honouring women, that people bring to read.

Lunch and Launch in the MoMA cafe 12.15 (soup - optional*) with author Ursula Martin (12.45 - 1.45) who walked across Wales raising money for and awareness of ovarian cancer. She started her walk in Machynlleth and walked 3,700 miles across Wales, raising £11000 in the process. Her popular blog that she wrote from her phone as she walked is now a book, One Woman Walks Wales, published this month by Honno.

One Woman Walks Wales  is now in stock and will be available for £10 (12.99 RRP) from the bookshop and at the event -  contact  if you would like to reserve a copy in advance

One Woman Walks Wales is now in stock and will be available for £10 (12.99 RRP) from the bookshop and at the event - contact if you would like to reserve a copy in advance

Poetry for Tea, 2.30 - 3.30 in MoMA cafe - a get together with published poets, Jane Whittle and Caroline Clark, topped and tailed with selection of readings

Poetry for Supper, 7 for 7.30pm - In the bookshop
Poets and performers, Jane Commane, Jemima Roberts and Suzanne Iuppa, with a little wine, fruit, bread and cheese, an evening also topped and tailed with some selected readings.

Please book in advance for events especially the evening event - limited space - and particularly if you also want lunch at Ursula Martin's Launch, with a choice from two veggie soups and bread for £3 book in advance

Thursday 8 March 2018, 5.30 – 8.30pm

Machynlleth Wikipedia Art & Feminism Edit-a-thon
Wikipedia is one of the largest free-content reference websites in the world. It is an encyclopedia anyone can use, edit and distribute. In a 2011 survey, however, the Wikimedia Foundation found that less than 10% of its contributors identify as female. The lack of female participation in Wikipedia means that women’s work, knowledge, interests and experiences are under-represented in the encyclopedia, and its content is skewed.

Let’s change that! To mark International Womens Day the Art + Feminism edit-a-thon is taking place for the third year running in Machynlleth.

Drop in at any point with your laptop (if you have one) and power cord, and any ideas you have for entries that need updating or creating. If you don’t want to create or update Wikipedia entries, but would like to offer and research ideas for entries, come along too. Caffi Alys will be staying open late with beer, wine, coffee and cake for sale. Everyone welcome.

More info at

Gwyddoniadur enfawr yn rhad ac am ddim yw Wicipedia; un o’r gwefannau mwyaf yn y byd. Mae'n wyddoniadur y caiff unrhyw un ei ddefnyddio a golygu. Beth bynnag, mae arolwg gan y Wikimedia Foundation wedi darganfod bod llai na 10% o'r cyfranwyr yn adnabod eu hunain yn fenywaidd. Mae'r diffyg cyfranogaeth fenywaidd yn Wicipedia yn golygu bod yna dangynrychiolaeth o waith menywod, eu diddordebau a'u profiadau yn y gwyddoniadur, felly mae'r cynnwys wedi eu sgiwio.

Gadewch inni newid hyn! Mae'r golygathon Celf a Ffeministiaeth yn digwydd ar draws y byd mewn orielau, amgueddfeydd a llyfrgelloedd a dyma'r trydydd blwyddyn mae bydd digwyddiad wedi eu cynnal ym Machynlleth.

Dewch â'ch laptop, (os oes gennych un) a'r plwg, ac unrhyw syniadau sydd gennych am gofnodion sydd angen eu creu neu wella. Bydd Caffi Alys yn aros ar agor yn hwyr a bydd cwrw, gwin a chacennau ar werth! ydych chi angen benthyg laptop. Mae croeso i bawb.