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We're an independent gallery bookshop based in Machynlleth, mid Wales. It's our blend of bookshop, selling a carefully selected collection of reads and pick-up-and-flick-through books – and gallery space to inspire you while you're browsing. We host events too, book readings, author talks, photography and art openings. 


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TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF WORDS - PROTEST - POETRY WORKSHOP   join us for this stand-alone workshop with visiting poet and educator, Lindy Newns
10.30 - 12.30pm, venue: ffotogaleri y gofeb
Venue: Ffotogaleri y Gofeb, Machynlleth

the local reading from Poems for Grenfell Tower will follow Lindy Newns poetry workshop. Lindy's work features in the anthology alongside many other poets moved by and connected to the tragedy - almost a year ago. Poems were invited in any language and up to 50 lines long, and then selected blind by a small review panel. The resulting collection includes 62 poems, four of them not in English but with translations.
David Lammy M.P. in his introduction to the book writes:
"Poems for Grenfell Tower encourages readers to listen and bear witness to the human cost of Grenfell. The poems are able to express the scale of loss, in a way that prose is not able to do — from the empty school chair invoked in Michael Rosen’s piece, to Rachel Burns’s ‘In a Hotel Room, A Father Sits Alone’. Unlike countless newspaper articles and reports in the media, poetry goes some of the way in allowing the reader to understand what is really missing — a child in a schoolroom, a much loved daughter."

meet in the bookshop, before heading up to ffotogaleri y gofeb for the reading - the anthology 'Poems for Grenfell' is available in the bookshop, £10, all royalties to the Grenfell Foundation.

Tuesday 24th April 2018, 10.30 - 12.30pm
TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF WORDS - CELEBRATION - POETRY WORKSHOP   join us for this stand-alone workshop with visiting poet and educator, Lindy Newns
Venue: meet in Y Tabernacl coffee shop, MoMA, Machynlleth - the workshop will use the Tannery Gallery Exhibition as a resource

FREE - unwaged/low waged - although space is not limited it helps us if you can call or email if you plan to come along
waged - donation, suggested amount £4 per session

We will examine existing writing as poetry and try our hand at writing our own, exploring the way writers of poems can use structure and imagery to write something which may 'terrify' or 'console', but will certainly open you up to the potential of the written (and spoken) word and give you the chance to let your creativity soar.

Lindy newnes 3.jpg

Lindy Newns is an award winning dramatist and a published poet, appearing in four anthologies: Gazing at Gaia, Hysteria 5, Songs for the Unsung and Dark Bones.

She has a Graduate Certificate in Literature and Mental Health, and believes that to write and to read poetry is one of the best ways we have of facing hard times.

Her work with various writing groups in Manchester has given her a wide knowledge of poets and poetry, the use of language to move hearts and minds, and the ways poetry can be structured to strengthen what a poet wants to convey.


FREE if you are unwaged/low waged
if you are waged - suggested donation £4
for more information and to book, contact Diane