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Spectral Pegasus / Dark Movements  with USA based poet Jeffery Beam and Welsh painter Clive-Hicks Jenkins

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Spectral Pegasus / Dark Movements with USA based poet Jeffery Beam and Welsh painter Clive-Hicks Jenkins

Poet, Jeffrey Beam

Poet, Jeffrey Beam


Painter, Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Painter, Clive Hicks-Jenkins

A six-month blogosphere collaboration between Welsh painter Clive Hicks- Jenkins and American poet Jeffery Beam, Spectral Pegasus / Dark Movements details a Hero’s journey through death, resurrection, psychological and spiritual trials and revelations into redemptive vision. Originating loosely in the ancient Welsh folk tradition of the Mari Lwyd involving a skeletal mare, and the death of the painter’s father.

Jeffery Beam and Clive Hicks-Jenkins will be joined by writer, blogger and researcher Sarah Parvin

Sarah, who has contributed an essay to the book Spectral Pegasus/Dark Movements, lives in Yorkshire. She is the creator of The Curious One, a vehicle to explore the British imagination, through the work of its artists, illustrators, makers, poets, writers, photographers, and designers.
Spectral Pegasus/Dark Movements also reprints two reviews on Hicks-Jenkins’ work by Mary-Ann Constantine and Claire Pickard that appeared in the Welsh press.

Poet, Jeffery Beamʹs many award‐winning works include The Broken Flower (Skysill Press, England), Gospel Earth (Skysill Press, England), Visions of Dame Kind (The Jargon Society, USA), An Elizabethan Bestiary: Retold (Horse & Buggy, USA), The New Beautiful Tendons: Collected Queer Poems 1969–2012 (Spuyten Duyvil‐Triton,USA), Light and Shadow (Aperture, USA), and The Fountain (NC Wesleyan College Press, USA). Jeffery specialises in spoken word and multimedia, his What We Have Lost: New and Selected Poems 1977‐2001 was a 2003 Audio Publishers Award finalist. His latest works are Jonathan Williams: The Lord of Orchards (co‐edited with Richard Owens, Prospecta Press, 2018), and a virtual chapbook Don’t Forget Love (Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, 2018, The song cycle, Life of the Bee (composer Lee Hoiby) continues to be performed on the international stage and can be heard, along with a Beam reading of the texts, on Albany Recordʹs New Growth, a recording of the Carnegie Hall premiere.
You can learn more about, read and hear more of his poetry at his website:

Beam’s is a startled and startling, all-body, all-spirit response to the gift and terror that rode roughshod and wondrous into his creative life like an annunciation, in the form of Hicks-Jenkins’s numinous, luminous horse.
— Poet, Damian Walford Davies

In Clive Hicks‐Jenkins’ early career he was an actor, choreographer, director, and stage designer, creating productions with leading companies in London. He moved back to Wales permanently in the late 1980’s to concentrate on his work as an artist. His paintings, prints and artists’ books are in numerous public collections, including the National Museum of Wales, the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art Machynlleth, the Contemporary Art Society for Wales, Llandaff Cathedral, Pallant House Gallery, and the Methodist Church Collection of Modern Art, as well as private collections around the world. In 2011, his work was celebrated in a hugely successful retrospective at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. His latest exhibition featured a limited edition series of 14 screenprints, and supplemental paintings and drawings, on the theme Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. These screenprints have been reproduced in a new edition of Simon Armitage’s translation of the poem (Faber & Faber, 2018) In 2018, Goldfield Productions’ Hansel and Gretel: A Nightmare in Eight Scenes, inspired by Clive’s images and under his direction and design supervision, toured England.Armitage’s retelling of the tale with Clive’s illustrations is due from Design For Today in 2019.