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We're an independent gallery bookshop based in Machynlleth, mid Wales. It's our blend of bookshop, selling a carefully selected collection of reads and pick-up-and-flick-through books – and gallery space to inspire you while you're browsing. We host events too, book readings, author talks, photography and art openings. 

machynlleth comedy festival visits the bookshop - Steve Mcneil - video games, making history

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machynlleth comedy festival visits the bookshop - Steve Mcneil - video games, making history

Video Games, now has an unofficial history in the shape of Steve McNeil’s Hey! Listen! A Journey Through The Golden Era of Video Games.

The creator of (and team captain on) "Dara O'Briain's Go 8 Bit" bangs on about video games for an hour. Adapting the best bits from his new book about the history of video games (Hey! Listen!). There’ll be the usual anecdotes about his TV show. Yawn. Yawn. It might even involve playing games if he's not written enough stuff. No idea. Bring a charged smartphone to play along. FREE
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Hey Listen the book.jpg
Steve McNeil is funny, knowledgeable, and a massive, shameless, nerd. His brilliant book reminded me just how much of my life I’ve wasted. If the Golden Age of Gaming is a horse, then Steve’s book is the stable.
— – Paul Rose (aka Mr Biffo), Digitiser
Taking us on a historical journey from the very early days all the way through to the late 1990s the book tells the stories of the men and women behind some of the most wonderful (and occasionally awful) games of the golden age, the fierce rivalries, bizarre business practices and downright bonkers risks taken during the pioneering days of computer and video gaming. This informal yet extremely well-researched book manages to educate and entertain in equal measure and this – dare I say – well-informed retrohead actually learnt a good deal. A thoroughly enjoyable read!
— – Mark Howlett (aka Lord Arse)